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Tips & Tricks: Season Your Grill So Food Won't Stick


Steaks, burgers, kebobs, brats, salmon, shrimp, corn on the mother-loving cobgrilled foods are pretty much the greatest. But by peak summer, when bits of your favorite ingredients have affixed themselves oh-so-stubbornly to the grill, the whole outdoor-cooking situation can get gross. That awkward moment when your guests find remnants of last week's salmon steaks sticking to tonight's turkey burgers? Yeah, we want to help you avoid that.

Here's how: Ever season a cast-iron skillet? The concept is the same. Just like that old-timey skillet, grill surfaces often don't come with a nonstick coating. So you've got to create your own. Begin by burning off any nasty bits leftover from prior cooks—go on, we won't judge. Now grab a wire brush—aluminum foil works okay too—and scrape and scrub that grill until it's nice and clean. Ah, that's better, isn't it? Okay next, grab a rag, roll it up, and tie it with some butcher twine so you have a tight roll that won’t unravel. Break out some oil, any oil really, and get your rag all nice and oily. Then just rub the grill over and over until it’s all black and shiny.

Are you ready for this? You're about to experience one seriously clean cook. Next time you grill your favorite foods—even super-sticky seafoods—they should slide easily off the surface and onto your serving dish. To learn how to keep your grill in great shape, check out Grant's tips in the video above. And be sure to share this info with your friends and neighbors—you don't want to be eating ole sticky bits at their houses, do you?

A grill
A scrub brush
A dishrag or towel
Butcher's twine
Oil—probably something pretty cheap

Wondering what's up with the tips & tricks? Our kitchen tips are all about empowerment: simple, game-changing takeaways, short-and-sweet videos—no recipes required. These little bits of wisdom were revolutionary for us, and we hope they will be for you, too.

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